Vote for Hawkins

Why, I’m running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2022…?

The timing is right for me to step up and serve you again.

I was born an American on February 23, 1963, raised as an old fashioned Republican and became a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces serving in the US Navy.

You could say, I have been living a full life… as one who knows how to live… a great life of Service over Self…

The proud life being a Patriot of the United States of America.

I moved to Nevada in 2012 from Arizona and feel in love with the people and their lifestyle. Before long I started hosting my our Gun Shows around the State, bring vendors to the communities at seek the good and services my vendors provide.

When my database grow herein Nevada to 180k, I started publishing the Great Basin Highway Magazine to support others in showcasing their Outdoor Events.

The April/June 2019 edition was both printed and emailed to the Nevada database and my Worldwide database of 1.4m making the Great Basin Highway Magazine in the Top 10 Travel and Relocation publications on the earth.

Since then I have been visiting all 17 counties within the State of Nevada, supporting those who support other… fundraisers via Rodeos, Shooting, Equestrian, Arts & Crafts, Golf Classics and Gun Shows at a media sponsor.

I enjoy visiting all of the counties in our State… so, I travel visiting them all every quart.

Since moving to Virginia City, NV, I have added two more publications as the founder and publisher Leaders and CandidatesVirginia City Insider that are both supported by the Great Basin Highway Magazine that’s now over 1.6m readers Worldwide and growing.

I would enjoy meeting you at any of the events I support on my travels Statewide.