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Lieutenant Governor of Nevada candidate Vote for Hawkins Robin Adair Campaign Manager
Lieutenant Governor of Nevada candidate
M. Kameron Hawkins
Vote for Hawkins
Robin Adair Campaign Manager
Lyon, NV – Lander, NV & Eureka, NV Counties.

Robin Adair – resident of the great State of Nevada since 1992, making her home in Lyon County.

Robin Adair is a Conservative and Constitutional Republican who honors God and salutes the service men and women who work so hard to protect the freedom we enjoy in our beautiful nation.

Robin, is an experienced EMS RN by trade since 1990 in ER, Flight, and Forensic Nursing. (Holds two degrees in Biology and Criminal Justice)

“I decided it was time to raise my voice and join Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins – American, Republican, Veteran who I’m proud to say is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada as his Campaign Manager in Lyon, Pershing, Lander and Eureka Counties “ Robin Adair

Robin, is a longtime (EMMY nominated) Filmmaker, Actor/Producer preferring the western film genre.

Robin, is proud of the kids she raised as a single mom and enjoys time with her grandchildren. Miss Adair grew up in the rodeo and cattle ranching industry and still very much supports the sport and lifestyle.

“In business school the emphasis was on problem solving, either you’re a part of the problem or you offer solutions. I decided long ago that I belonged in the camp that solved problems. Instead of complaints, I wanted to make a difference, not just for me but also for my children and grandchildren. I want my life to matter and I want my legacy to linger and I wish to leave good things and good memories.” Robin Adair

Like many conservatives, Robin, feels that socialism has ‘snuck up’ on us! Like others in her generation, we were taught to respect fellow humans and their belief system. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that others share that honor, therefore we find ourselves in a divided nation with a gap in how we approach many issues.