Campaign Management Team

Alysia Garver-Paris, Lyon County, NV Campaign Manager

Born in 1998 and raised in Redding, CA, then moved to Nevada in 2018. My life has been mainly focused on caregiving and customer service because I enjoy the relationships I have gained from meeting other people.

I am a professional photographer, visit my website at anytime. I take pictures of landscapes, wild animals, abandoned buildings, and historical landmarks.

I joined the Vote for Hawkins campaign to support Mr. Hawkins because of his love for our country and his can-do attitude. I’ve seen him get things done, even when all hope is lost.

I am proud to serve Mr. Hawkins in his campaign and he is proud to serve you.

Linda Whyte, Pershing County, NV Campaign Manager

I’m supporting Kameron Hawkins for Lieutenant Governor.  Why, because I like his platform and I like what he stands for.

We both want to keep Nevada working and growing, we both are Second Amendment supporter’s. He’s a strong Republican and so am I and we need this man in Carson City…. Linda Whyte, 775-530-0610…