About M. Kameron Hawkins

Moved to Nevada in 2012 to retire as a Disabled Veteran from Arizona.

Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins is an American, Republican and Veteran. He has already served us all before and pains on serving you all again.

Over the last few years Mr. Hawkins has slowly come out of retirement. He has formed the Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. (non profit 501c3) – Supporting those who support others in and around greater Nevada… Historic Preservation, Event Planning & Support, Economic Development & Tourism, Business Development & Media Services, Wildlife & Land Management, and Adventure Destination…

“Service over self has always been a great way to live this adventure we all know as life.” Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins

Mr. Hawkins also has stated, that over 80% of Nevada is within the Great Basin. The Great Basin National Park is just 60+ miles southeast of Ely, NV. Mr. Hawkins is the founder & publisher of Nevada’s most read publication the www.GreatBasinMagazine.com along with 7 other Community, 1 more Statewide and 1 more International publications that all support and promote Nevada, USA.

That’s why, Mr. Hawkins has lived and still visits every community, town, city and county of our State of Nevada we all love. (It’s the people and their love for our State.)


Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. – known for supporting other Nevada’s

Campaign Trail:

Grab your datebook, the Vote for Hawkins campaign trail has started. Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2022.

Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins – Born in America, Raised as a Old Fashioned Republican in Arizona and became a Proud Veteran of our United States.

America first… Americans are our bothers and sisters of one family… because of patriotism… we all have… or will and do serve this our Nation… our Family… our America…
Proud to serve you again… M. Kameron Hawkins – proud to be an American Veteran